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Careers @ CASS

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Please be advised that due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, CASS has initiated a Hiring Freeze for all external applicants until further notice.

To view current employment opportunities, visit our Jobs Page.

CASS recognizes implicitly that the people we employ are our single greatest asset. We endeavor to recruit and mentor human service professionals with talent and commitment for disability advocacy and community engagement.

CASS is a relatively large human service agency which offers a variety of programs and roles. CASS strives to remain an ‘employer of choice’ and our commitment to staff is demonstrated through a number of staff retention and employment satisfaction strategies such as;

  • Psych Health and Safety Committee to improve job satisfaction and staff well-being
  • Employee Family Assistance Plan
  • Employee Benefits Plan
  • Policies and Practices which support a healthy, inclusive workplace culture
  • Commitment to ongoing training and professional development


Staff Satisfaction Survey Comments

How would you describe CASS?

-A collective of people who help each other to build community and connections through inclusion, support and information sharing. 

-CASS is more than just a place to work.  It is a place where people are sincere in listening, and helping people achieve their goals.  It is a community, where we are supported and cared for by one another.  This is a place where growth is possible, and people can learn.

-CASS is an excellent leader in supporting and enhancing the lives of people with disabilities due to our passion towards client directed services and human rights.

-Great place to work. My coordinators are amazing. The work culture in CASS is really great.

-CASS supports adults with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges in areas of employment, residential and home living, community access, and money management.

- A community of people supporting people to have the lives they want and deserve.